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Welcome to Facebook Supreme Court

The Facebook Supreme Court is the brain child of Marc Zugesburg.

 Their mission is to help their ever growing list of Facebook fans and followers. If you have found yourself navigating obstacles that Facebook puts in place for all of us to appeal the taking down of a post or picture, perhaps you were blocked by someone just for spite, or maybe you somehow ended up in Facebook Jail for breaking some new Community Standard set in place by Google only knows who! Well, with our team of EMOs helping you with things such as: Safe Dating, Solid ways to keep your money safe as well as your privacy, and maybe even exposing the fake news and the internet trolls! will help to get all of the internet bullies, as well as scammers, out of our community by drafting forms to file with the Facebook Courts to have them thrown in Facebook Jail! 

Sources to Help You

Pre-File Now With Us!

Rely on us to exceed your exceptions!

As the Court system establishes the necessary forms to file your claim, we are here to help and assist you!

Case Reviews

  The ultimate mission of the Facebook Supreme Court is to provide a comprehensive case review if a community member feels they have been banned unnecessarily.

Safe Dating Data Base

Internet dating is at an all time high!  Sometimes, we wish the next date will end like the commercials.  But, rarely they do.  Therefore, it is our goal to help you determine if he/she is a safe bet...

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